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One of my fav scenes of teen wolf

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All of me

I’m not the prettiest girl out there. Nor am I the most intelligent or warmest person. There are days I look beautiful and others I look fugly. And from time to time I might say the deepest shit you’ve ever heard yet most of the time I don’t make any sense.

can be nice. No, I mean I am nice! But I am also rude. VERY rude. At first glance I look the quiet and shy type. However once you get to know me, you’ll never cease to hear my voice, for loud and clumpsy are things I am. And I never know when to shut up.

I occasionally look happy, but don’t be fooled. If you try to get inside my mind you will find yourself in the middle of a WWIII.

My actions show that I have anger and attitude issues. Not to mention there are several emotional luggages I’ve carried around for a long time. They lie deeply inside me ‘till this day, and will continue to exist tomorrow, the day after and the following days that are to come. 

Some people tell you their life story the first day you meet them. But me? I don’t do that. It takes a while for me to open up to people. I’ll only become an open book when I come to care for you. 

And on the outside I might come off as confident, but on the inside I’m an insecure little b*itch.

Well, to sum it all up: I am a freaking mess.

Do you think you can handle me?

And when I say me, I mean ALL of me!

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